Company Profile

Company Profile

SPBNET Company was established in 2003 by a group of professional managers and IT-specialists from the largest telecommunication and IT companies: PeterStar, Web Plus, VoltWeb, PeterHost.Ru, Assist, SmartPhoneLabs and others. Today SPBNET is one of the most rapidly growing web development companies with a variety of services such as project designing and implementation of Internet and Intranet systems of any level from corporate and promo sites and webstores to complex web applications and portals, also proposing support and promotion services.


SPBNET specialists have developed more than 100 projects for large Russian and European companies with high quality, security and efficiency standards for Internet applications: Europe’s leading alternative telecom operator - Tele2 (Russian office), Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum, largest Russian transport and logistic companies - Russian Railways and Eurosib, French manufacturer of elite bathroom equipment - Jacob Delafon, Russian national telecommunications operators - Synterra and Comstar-UTS, Finnish producer of dairy products – Valio, International ATP tennis tournament St. Petersburg Open and others.


Current SPBNET staff consists of 26 people. Company has developed profound programming center and creative digital design studio. All projects are developed with the help of system analytics group concerning system architecture design, usability testing and surveys on new Internet technologies and trends for a high level of SPBNET works.


Features of Project Approach

Our main approach is to develop different kinds of web systems according to our client’s business needs. Our priority are not only visual features (design), but marketing meanings and especially technical usability. Our feature is that the process of web production is foreseen by complex research of the project target audience interests, needs and behavior. The results of this analysis are used by system architect to form convenient informational structure and navigation of the future website, to construct user interfaces and data bases. The detailed technical task is prepared on the basis of this research.

Example of user interface draft (developed for Tele2)

Our Products: Sapphire Framework

Sapphire Framework is a specially developed flexible platform for Internet and Intranet resources control. Sapphire Framework module structure allows to update system feature set by attaching new modules. Working with the platform requires no specific training and knowledge and is intuitively obvious since its interface was designed to correspond the highest usability standards.


Server Side:

  1. Programming languages: PHP 5, JavaScript, XSLT
  2. Data transmission into any required format (XHTML, JSON-structures, PDF, XLS, RTF, ets.)
  3. Inner data format: XML
  4. Most existing Sapphire modules support either MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and flat files. At the same time Sapphire architecture allows to expand the list of supported databases. Client Side correlates with most modern browsers.

SPBNET Contacts:



15, Parashutnaya st., St.Petersburg
Russia 197341

Phone: +7 812 331-555-1
Fax: +7 812 331-555-2

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